Find your happy

It’s a typical British summer. The garden glistens with rain and morning dew and the sky is a misty grey.

We had a heatwave last week, which threw the country into pandemonium. People rushed out to get their hands on sun cream and cooling fans. How they complained.

Not me. I was glad for a brief moment of normalcy. June is supposed to be hot and sweaty. Not this dreary backdrop reminiscent of a Bronte film.

But that’s England for you. You don’t move here for the weather. What for then, you ask? Picturesque country villages where cobblestone streets are lined with thatched cottages. For the quintessential rural landscapes that reach far beyond the horizon.

For the history that seems inescapable in every brimstone castle or immaculate country garden. It is a nation of friendly and polite people. A nation of cosy pubs and fish and chips.

It might not have the pleasant climate of Spain, but it has many charms.